Mind Over Matter

 So I must say the devil worked hard on making sure this blog does not get released so I know it must be good stuff! They often say "An idle mind is the devil's workshop" but I'll say, "An unhealthy mind is the devil's playground"! You cannot exist above the situations of life without a healthy mind. No wonder the suicide rate in America alone is estimated at 1.38M suicide attempts in 2019. The age-adjusted suicide rate in 2019 was 13.93 per 100,000 and there are 130 suicides per day. Why??

Let's start from the basics.

What is the mind?

Philosophers would come up with a million ideas. I choose to describe the mind as a tool, an equipment much like a computer. It is an element in the soul that controls six (6) major functions such as

- perception / belief,

- cognition / IQ,

- reasoning ,

- creativity

- decision making/ consciousness/ judgement seat

- memory

They are used to tackle life's experiences. The mind acts on information stored within its walls otherwise known as 'thoughts' and these thoughts are received and processed from the 6 senses. Note: I said six (6). These include:

- the sense of taste

- smell

- hearing

- sight

- touch

- the 6th sense - discernment, intuition, gut feelings

Again as mentioned earlier the mind functions as a computer. So to better understand it, let me introduce you to a few basic concepts about computers that I learnt from my hardware class teacher, way back.

So hey you see its not that hard or complicated.

Basically the computer mimics the mind. It is made up of seven (7) major parts

I'll give you the name of the part in the computer and then show you its equivalent to your mind

1. Case: Every computer has a case or outter body, that I would liken to the human body. This is what essentially houses the mind and all in it. If the case is damaged (your body) the computer (your mind) can still work but not at its optimum. It may be prone to getting corrupted or exposed to heat, water or dust and corrosion that will potentially harm the inner parts.

Well, we have not started to discuss on tips to care for your mind as yet, but this is a given theory. "Destroying the body leads to a gradual destruction of the mind"- goddess rants 2022.

2. Power Supply: Every computer needs a power source to be able to come alive. Go back to "Pick a Side-by JayceePEE" and read through all the blogs relating to "Sources of Power" to learn more about the two sources of power for our minds. You can either choose the Authentic source or the Counterfeit but not both at the same time. Neither can you stay neutral. Staying Neutral leaves you powerless. A powerless computer stays off!! With a warning label. No wonder why you feel off sometimes. Put your power back on! Revelation 3:16(ASV) says: "So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth." But that's not just it. Your level of spirituality determines your voltage. Weak power (less than 110W) displays malfunction. Not strong enough in your faith level opens you to disfunctional traits and mind fluctuations. You'll learn more about that later. Inorder to activate a power, you need to audibly declare it or sign an agreement /contract.

3. Motherboard: This is the hub of communication of the mind. By now, you must have guessed we are no longer talking about the computer. This communication involves the translation of the information (thoughts) gathered from the senses into your perception or belief system through a circuit board. This circuit board is soldered into place, much like engraved with heat. No wonder the New Living Translation of Prov 7:3 says Tie them on your fingers as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Thoughts of good and not of evil must be soldered or embedded in your heart (the seat of the mind) so much that it resonates in your actions (fingers). Remember your thoughts are the information gathered from your senses, so next blog will go into depth as to how your senses may affect your whole communication system that is tied to the 'motherboard' of your mind.

4. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. This is the cognitive part of your mind, your intelligence for reasoning or simply your belief system. The devil have really messed up with folks on this one. Next time you see someone tripping, tell them to check their CPU!!!

Our CPUs, affect our actions and reactions. With a wrong translation of your senses, you will end up hating someone you need to love. We are also led to be convicted (fully convinced) of a belief system (ideology) that may totally differentiate from others. When mixed with passion, CPUs can be used as a deadly human weapon. Our intelligence/IQ and overall cognitive ability and reasoning is being programmed by what we see, hear and sense on a daily basis. The Christian Standard Bible says in Romans 10:17 that ...."faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about Christ". So watch what you hear, books you read, music you listen to, etc as this forms your CPU!

5. Graphics Processing Unit (Video card/ GPUs): This has got to do with the thoughts (or information) we process through our sense of sight that affects our Creativity!! Creativity is been perverted daily by what we our environment, the thoughts we allow to linger on such as fear, doubt, worry and what we are exposed to so much that it affects the way we create our art, music and dance. It teaches way of life. This is why an alcholic is likely to have a child that develops the same addiction with time. We adapt the same language, belief or lifestyle, as what we heard from birth and are able to grow looking like our parents or the actting like they do, due to learned/ acquired learning behaviors.

GPUs develop a graphic in our minds of how things are supposed to look like or how they can be done. The eyes are entry points to the mind so guard it with all your heart. This is why pornography or lust due to indecent exposure is regarded as sin because thoughts are developed and processed in a time span of less than 30 secs. Educators will tell you that learning through videos and on the job trainings are the most effective forms of learning. Visuals can linger in the mind for years until a forceful 'mind reset/ renewal'. We will talk about that later.

6. Random Access Memory (RAM): This is the ability of retention for short term use much like you would do when studying for a test. Your RAM is were you go when you don't have to think too hard to make a decision. This is known as 'your seat of judgement'. This is were you must store healthy information (thoughts) to help you make quick healthy or holy decisions. Choices are made based on the consciousness to do right or wrong obtained from your RAM. When RAM is not enough your hard drive is utilised. This is the area in which the source of your power will plug in to reside: whether you choose godly consciousness or ungodly consciousness: Holy Spirit / Evil Spirit).

7. Hard Drive: This is your storage. The Memory that holds all your childhood traumas, hurt, joys and sorrows and make a mental note of them. This area cannot be renewed or erased. Its like a recycle bin that cannot be emptied. You can choose to remove memories from your RAM to your hard drive and if you want to forgive a hurt, you would have to move that memory to the farthest deepest part of your 'Hard Drive'. This means it wont show up too quick but it will be there if you think long and hard enough. Most people can use this as a coping mechanism to deal with addiction, depression, anxiety and ADHD. More to come on this later.

To this end, be kind to your mind and think on these things:

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever thingsarehonest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever thingsareof good report; if there be any virtue, and ifthere be any praise, think on these things."